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Benefits of District Energy

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Community Benefits

  • Substantially reduced community carbon footprint

  • Increased local electricity supply

  • Increased energy reliability and security

Environmental Benefits

  • Reduced need for fossil fuels

  • Ability to integrate renewable energy fuels

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

  • Reduced need for heating and cooling equipment in individual buildings

Economic Benefits

  • Helps attract companies and jobs

  • Enhances reputation of the community

  • Keeps energy dollars circulating locally

Customer Benefits

  • Individually controlled thermostats

  • Worry-free operation and maintenance  24/7/365

  • Reduced building operation and maintenance costs

  • Avoidance of capital costs for heating and cooling systems

  • Higher reliability than conventional heating and cooling systems

  • Reduced fuel costs and predictable long-term energy costs

  • Reduced space requirements

  • Possibility to retrofit and convert existing buildings

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