Invidia is a blog dedicated to informing the public as well as large companies on how to become more energy efficient by incorporating various initiatives into their daily operations. We strive in providing guides on how to become greener and the importance it holds regarding the future of the economic environment.

Sustainable Energy

Sustainable energy is seen as a way of using energy that can be reused time and again without putting important resources in danger of being used up. Sustainable energy is incorporated into many businesses and households to live a greener life and reduce carbon footprint.

We look at how a company or household can utilize sustainable energy to be eco-friendly. We also provide information on the role of alternative energy sources in Canada and where to find these services.

As there are many ways of incorporating sustainable energy, we explain all the possible ways of reaching an eco-friendly lifestyle and which energy sources will be best for each person.

Energy Initiatives

Energy initiatives are important in today’s life to become more eco-friendly and to reduce the carbon footprint. In Canada, there are many initiatives taken by the government and large organizations to introduce various methods that are less harmful to the planet and the population.

Find out more on current initiatives taken by the Canadian government and households to reduce their carbon footprint.

Activities and Projects

Throughout Canada, there are many activities and projects taking place to provide a safer and healthier way of generating energy and power for the population. Learn more about these activities and projects taking place in Canada by regularly visiting the Envida blog.

The Envida blog’s mission is to inform the public of all the latest insights into sustainable and renewable energy with a focus on solar and bioenergy in Canada. Contact us here for more information.