Many local Canadian brands have taken the initiative to become more environmentally friendly by incorporating different manufacturing methods, renewable energy, and using recyclable materials.

This article will look at the brands that are well-known for having a passion for the environment and are taking initiatives to become greener.


Tentree is seen as a climate-neutral company. They plant 10 trees per item purchased and are a certified B-Corporation believing in putting the earth first. They aim to make change accessible to the public and to inspire people to become environmentally conscious. They have planted over 50 million trees in Canada.


Encircled is a fashion company that aims to provide classic and versatile pieces to help build a wardrobe that will last for years and is manufactured sustainably. They reduce the use of synthetic fabrics and reduce waste that usually comes with fashion manufacturing.


Chop value is a certified B-Class urban recycling company. They strive in helping Canadians reduce their carbon emissions and carbon footprint. The company was established in 2016 in Vancouver. They mainly use materials that come from recycling used chopsticks. Their products are known for being climate positive and carbon negative.

Onyx + Blue

Onyx + Blue keeps materials in use before they go to the landfill. They go as far as using office supplies made from recyclable materials such as stone, corn starch and materials that are biodegradable. Their products make less of an impact on waterways due to using less water and bleach in their manufacturing process.

Workhall Studio

Workhall Studio is an apparel company for comfortable work clothes. They offer clothes made from plant-based fabrics. They have a wide focus and dedication to reducing waste and offer free tailoring services so that clothing will not get thrown away.

The companies mentioned on this list are all making a difference in reducing their waste and carbon footprint.