Renewable energy is derived from natural resources that are reused and replenished. Some of these renewable energy resources are derived from the sun or the ocean.

Canada has a wide range of energy-producing equipment and methods that have been developed to take advantage of natural and replenishable resources. With so many natural energy resources, we look at each type of resource and detail how they are used. All these methods of renewable energy are used in Canada.

Solar Energy

Solar Energy is one of the most widely used initiatives for creating renewable energy. It works with obtaining the sun’s radiant energy and can be used to provide lighting for buildings and homes.

Although this form of energy can only be obtained during the day when sunlight is available, it’s still used throughout Canada by households and businesses.

Wind Power

Wind Power can be converted into useful forms of energy, including mechanical or electrical. This form of renewable energy has been used for centuries to propel sailing vessels and turn grist mills. In Canada, wind energy is still used for generating energy.


Bioenergy comprises various methods of usable energy coming from materials that are called biomass. It’s a biological material that stores sunlight in the form of chemical energy. Many types of biomasses can be used for energy when used with the correct technology.

Wood is seen as a popular form of biomass in Canada, which is combusted and used for industrial activities and heating.


Kinetic power comes from the natural flow of water in rivers, and this can be transformed and used as usable energy. It’s been used in mining and sawing as well as in irrigation.

Rivers have also been used for transportation purposes for moving logs from forests to other locations to reduce carbon footprints from trucks. It’s an important form of usable and reusable energy that comes from the natural flow of water in rivers.

Ocean Energy

The ocean is a source of energy and is used to gather and produce a variety of usable forms of energy. Technology has been developed to convert the energy provided by ocean waves into electricity.

With several technical, economic, and environmental issues remaining with renewable energy, many of these energy resources are currently not widely used in Canada. However, these renewable energy initiatives are slowly becoming more prevalent in Canada.