The renewable and sustainable energy industry has been booming in Canada, with more companies opening their doors each year. When looking at the top-rated solar panel manufacturers and installers, they all offer services that are specifically catered for business, household, and agricultural use.

In this article, we will look at the top-rated and most popular companies to trust with your solar panel needs.

Azgard Solar

Azgard Solar provides a complete range of products, including panels, racking, and inverters. Full packages and installations can be obtained from the company throughout Canada. They are known for having designed the Sun Ranger solar racking system, which acts as a low-cost system with low maintenance. They also provide a popular self-installation solar service.

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar is one of the most popular and largest solar panel manufacturers in the world. They operate throughout 6 continents and gain popularity each year for their remarkable products.

They are known to have extremely affordable rates when compared to most solar manufacturers and installers in Canada. They provide a 10-year warranty on their products.

Burl Oak Resources

Burl Oak Resources offers a wide range of services on renewable resources. They provide vital services and green technology at great prices throughout Canada. They specifically cater to those who want to go green with cost-effective solutions. They provide products and services to the public to help promote sustainable and renewable energy.


Bendygo specializes in the installations of custom-designed solar power panels for home and business use. They have a large focus on the agriculture industry in Canada. Their installation teams work with each project from the beginning till the end and provide finance for those who want to go green.

Any of the companies mentioned on this list can work wonders in going green and becoming environmentally friendly with business ventures or for home use. These companies have been trusted by many people throughout Canada.